R & D Center

  Scientific and technological innovation is the core competitiveness of the development of Yincai science and technology. Since its establishment, the company has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and R & D investment. In recent years, the company has actively built a research platform, introduced high-end talents, established a R & D team composed of professional technicians such as doctors, masters and senior engineers, and established a first-class R & D center in the industry, including the analysis and testing laboratory , material synthesis laboratory, pilot synthesis laboratory and application development laboratory.

  The R & D center is equipped with advanced analytical and testing equipment: brookfiled viscometer, OMC laser particle size meter, QUV aging, infrared spectrum......

Project Development

  Relying on independent innovation, the company has developed a variety of high-performance powder coating auxiliary products, including matting agent, curing agent, catalyst, modified wax powder and so on. A number of products break through the core technology, with independent intellectual property rights, and now have a number of core technologies, such as special acrylic resin, low-temperature catalysis, nano ultra-fine modification, to provide diversified solutions for powder coating customers

Innovation System

  Yincai technology attaches great importance to the construction of R & D team, including 3 doctors, 5 masters and 8 senior engineers. 70% of the young and middle-aged backbones under the age of 35 are young, energetic and popular.

  At the same time of strengthening independent innovation, giving full play to its own advantages, actively participating in the cooperation of production, learning and research, and forming a perfect collaborative innovation system.

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